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Making glass waste on Zanzibar a valuable asset

Tourist are an increasingly important source of income in Zanzibar, but they also cause an increase in the amount of (glass) waste. the African island is not sufficiently equipped to process this waste, which means that it ultimately finds is way into the natural surroundings. But what if tourism could also contribute to processing this waste?

In collaboration with five dutch designers and commissioned by the Bottle up foundation Super Local has realized this dream by processing large quantities of glass waste into materials and products that can be used on the island itself.

What we designed

A range of products made from Terrazzo (crushed glass and white cement) The products include; benches, tables, vases and bowls.


The first test products were formed using unusual ‘moulds’ found on the island. So a metal wok became the basis for a little table and a piece of corrugated iron served as a mould for a table leg.


After many tests and adjustments, together we finally ended up with a complete line of hospital equipment. Upholding consistent quality is very important for all equipment, but especially when producing for the healthcare industry. In order to ensure that quality will be upheld, we produced moulds for every product and made a complete booklet with technical drawings and quality checklists.


With the completion of this line of equipment, Sakaramenta is now able to continue production while providing professional warranties. It has presented its collection at national fairs and has become Malawi’s foremost producer of high quality standard hospital equipment.

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