About us

At Super Local we design products, services and systems to improve the quality of live of the poor.

90% of the world population is lacking the financial capacity for traditional design, but does have a need for well-designed products and insightful solutions.

We are passionate problem solvers, story tellers and fixers and our human-centered approach is hands-on and based on collaboration with local communities, organizations and partners.

Current job

Currently we have taken up full time jobs in which we can keep on designing and setting up production processes. Pim as supervisor in a creative workshop at Nimeto Utrecht, secondary vocational education and Luc as a senior manager in the Adidas MakerLab at Adidas HQ in Germany.

We did this in reason for extending our passion to professional environment. It is important to round out our experience while we were figuring out how to extend our passion to a professional business for Super Local.


‘What if…’ 2015
Dutch Design Week, The Netherlands

Age of Wonderland, 2015
Dutch Design Week, The Netherlands

Fusion, 2014
Design & City Exhibition, Taiwan

Next to Natural, 2014
Mocca museum, Taiwan

Self un Self, 2013
Design Academy, The Netherlands


Finalist Dutch design Award 2017
Best young designer

Winner Keep an eye grant  2017
Design talent 

Winner Connection Award  2014 
Connecting with People Outside the Design Field

Winner Keep an eye grant  2013
Best Graduation Project

Winner Connection Award  2013
Connecting with People Outside the Design Field

Nominated Rene Smeets prijs 2013
Most Professional Graduation Project



Pim van Baarsen         
+31 6 17 54 21 94

Luc van Hoeckel                  
+49 170 7171430

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